Grade 10 Msgr. Paul Dwyer Students benefit from Sweet Life Road Show

Providing Grade 10 students with hands-on, interactive road safety information just as they are DSC04553learning how to drive is proving beneficial for teens. On Tuesday, May 05, 2015 students at Msgr. Paul Dwyer Catholic High School participated in the Sweet Life Road Show. Students moved from ten stations learning life-saving strategies such as:

  • How to deal with distractions like cell phones and texting
  • How to handle a friend who refuses to wear their seatbelt or suggests someone ride in the truck or on the floor
  • How to deal with vehicle emergencies
  • What to say to change the situation when a friend is driving crazy or speeding
  • How to stay out of the huge blind spot around big trucks
  • The best remedy for when you’re so tired you can hardly keep your eyes open while driving.

Through role playing, hand-on demonstrations and group activities students learned valuable information to prevent crashes and keep everyone safe on the road.

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